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Trood Legal is included in the list of leading LegalTech solutions in Russia according to PwC

Our key benefits

Trood Legal technologies automate routine and free up time for the creative part of the lawyer's work
Project work
The whole cycle of the project in one place. Activities planning and automated time tracking with detailed records creation just in two clicks
Complete company’s finances monitoring. From high-level indicators to detailed data. Tracking receivables, customer payment reminders and planning future receipts.
Setting the employee rate: for a specific project, all client affairs and the base rate. Pre-approval of the submitted works and the client invoicing.
Performance assessment
Employee’s work quality analysis according to project managers.
Workload monitoring and performance summary analysis of each company lawyer

How to work with Trood Legal

Trood Legal allows you to start working with the most popular tasks in legal activity, expanding and complementing the functionality as necessary.

We have implemented Trood Legal as a fully functional platform that customizes and scales as your needs change.

For whom Trood Legal is created

Flexible settings and emphasis on intuitive interaction with the system make our platform suitable for both leading specialists and ordinary employees
Heads of law firms or departments
Let's talk about the possibilities of automation and employee performance assessment
Employees of law firms or departments
In 1 hour we will teach employees to use the system effectively for free
Independent Practice Lawyers
We will help you configure automation and transfer all the necessary data and current projects to the new system

Trood Legal Mobile

Trood Legal has become more accessible.

Now every user can conveniently be active on the go.

To make it possible we have optimized the system interface for your mobile device.

Easy and convenient way to get started with Trood Legal

You get access for 14 days for free
When you submit a demo-request, our specialists begin to prepare your personal server. Once it’s done, the system sends you an email with access information
Quick start in the new system
After a short training video, you can start using the system in your work from the first day
Assign a training session for your colleagues and yourself
Upon request, at a pre-agreed time, our specialists will conduct a training session for you. It’ll help to use the system most effectively and specifically for your situation
Automate the rest processes
We help transfer your database so you are all set to fully switch to a new system. Significantly reduce time and increase your personal and the entire company or department efficiency.

What experts say about us


Is it possible to limit the access rights of employees to the financial performance of the company?
Yes, the system has basic settings for employees’ access rights to information depending on their role. For example, only partners and managing partners have access to the financial performance of a company. If you want to change the basic settings, we are always happy to help.
Do I have to pay extra for future updates or system support?
No, absolutely not. All costs are included in the price of your tariff plan. You will always have the latest version. of the system, so you don't need to monitor version compatibility or hire additional specialists. We are also always ready to help you in case encountering any questions or difficulties when working with the system.
We have been using another system for quite a long time, therefore we’ve accumulated a large database. Is it possible to move all the data to your system without any loss?
Absolutely! We will help you transfer data from your current system to Trood Legal without any additional efforts required from you.
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